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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 5  FOX  July 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and what happens now. >> reporter: facing sexual assault allegations. too disturbing to list them all. >> reporter: adrian gonzalez enough instagram account shows him playing -- shows his snuaccount shows -- instagram account shows him playing outside his apartment. he was quiet and well spoken. the district attorney's office says he murdered madyson middleton. >> we filed charges of murder. including circumstances of lying in wait and committed during the course of a sexual assault and kidnapping. >> the charges come two days after the discovery of the body. the complaint filed by the district attorney's office include allegations like murder by lying in wait which implies it was preplanned and it says adrian gonzalez engaged in binding of the victim, a motive
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that is still unclear. >> i can tell you this, people do things for lots of reasons. >> reporter: all the crimes happening sunday before she was reported missing. before neighbors would search for her. >> that was the rumor going around. took her upstairs and i was like no, no. i was like no. no. no. >> reporter: he knew both madyson middleton and adrian gonzalez and said the teen went to santa cruz high school. and he says at the time of the disappearance adrian gonzalez was walking around asking for updates in the case. >> we lover her so much and -- we love her so much and we are a community, like family. when this happened -- i am just, like, in shock right now. >> adrian gonzalez is housed that santa cruz juvenile detention center and he is tried as an adult.
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he will be arraigned tomorrow morning. >> sounds liked they are confident in their case. -- like they are confident in their case. did they talk about the evidence they have? >> reporter: they said they have evidence including surveillance video. they have witness statements. they did not go into details but they said at the end they are confident in bringing justs to the family. >> what about adrian gonzalez, i believe he is held at juvenile hall, how is he doing, is he talking to anyone, has his parents come by? >> reporter: we asked that neighbor if he knows if the suspect's mother, a single mother, visited her son and he did not know. we know that he was calm during the arrest and from. >> all accounts everyone said he was well spoke -- from all accounts everyone said he was well spoken. tomorrow we will have a better idea on how he is dealing with
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everything. >> thank you. some people may be wondering why she not facing the possibility of the death penalty if convicted even though he is charged with special circs. a -- circumstances. no one can be sentenced for a death during a crime before they turn 18. the most he could get if convicted would be life without patrol. >> tributes are still being posted on social media including a song. [ music ] [ singing ] >> the title is mady's song. he posted it yesterday on youtube and a lot of people are thanking him for honoring her memory. we posted the song on our website,
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as well as our facebook page. new developments on fires burning up north. in the past 90 minutes this fire broke out near clear lake. sky fox 2 is just approaching the fire now. we could see smoke and we got off the phone with cal fire and they say it appears there are two fires here and both are connected. crews are ordering evacuations in the lore lake area. we are going to stay on top of the developments. there is a lot of smoke from the fires. we will keep you updated as we get new information. we hope to update shortly. crews are fighting the wragg fire near lake berryessa. high temperature and low humidity not a good combination. ktvu's noelle walker is live where firefighters have been working all day. the fire flared up again. >> reporter: looking good today. they flew a lot of air power at
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this today and they started early to get ahead of the winds that pick up in the afternoon and so far it has made progress. the fire details are 7100 acres burned. 80% contained. those numbers are from this morning. they will change when the new numbers come out this evening. we talked to a couple families who are getting ready to vacate again. >> reporter: there is no -- evacuate again. >> reporter: there is no rest. the wragg fire is now a concern again. >> we are always concerned when we have high temperatures temperatures and low humidities. >> reporter: we watched as white smoke turned black with new fuel burning while six aircraft work to keep the flames at bay. >> 40-foot flames right there. >> reporter: they have a front row seat from their yard --
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their mailbox was tagged this afternoon in the evacuation zone. >> stays up on the ridge. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they are ready to go if they have to. >> absolutely. ready to lose everything if need be. >> reporter: the fire made her an expert packer. >> car is a mess but we just packed up random stuff. legal documents and clothes. >> reporter: it will be their third evacuation. others have animals ready to be transported if needed and firefighters are nearby in case they are needed. >> reporter: seen anything like this year? >> though -- no, no. >> reporter: she has been
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through this drill too. >> evacuated 10:30 p.m. and we had to leave again. >> reporter: she was watching the air drops. >> crazy an hour ago. just -- they were dropping and helicopters. >> keeping our fingers crossed in the battle between fire and firefighters, the latter wins. >> i know my house will be saved. we need to leave. >> reporter: so far two outbuildings have been destroyed. three outbuildings and one home damaged. fire can be unpredictable. remember the wragg fire looked like it was dying down. some of the firefighters involved in the fight were already on their way home because they came here to help. when they were turned around and called back. we saw one take off to the other fire in clear lake that you were talking about before we came on air. >> that is how dangerous the flair ups could be. thank you. >> the firefighters are dealing with the highest temperatures
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we be seen all week. we want it bring in our chief meteorologist, you have the fire behind you. one thing i noticed was the smoke going straight up. looks like there is not a lot of wind. >> that's right. that's right. we talked about it last night. i said high over night lows. next day you get fires. you don't get the recovery and the humidity recovery, stays hot all night and clear lake, lower lake, 29, you can see the smoke off the fire. it is a big fire. frank says the smoke is going straight up. gusts 15 miles per hour. for the most part we are talking about light winds. dealing with humidities in the teens. single digits. 101 degrees. i don't have a fix on this fire yet but it is out of this area right here. very terrainy. let's go back. if we can.
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knowing the fire is in the lower lake area. chopper shot. we will see the smoke going straight up. the flames are going straight up because it is burning up hill. this is rough terrain. worked up in santa rosa. spent time up here. there is not a lot of road access. easy ways for firefighters to get in there. they will have to get the air drops in there while they have day light and get helicopters going. a lot of terrain. it is hot and dry and this is a big fire. if they pull back you will see, looks like there is two fires. one bigger than the other. he will pull back and you can see how high the flames are. the trees are 80 feet high easy and the flames are reaching that. again notice the smoke going straight up. again, not sure what is in the area in terms of ranches and homes but this is typically
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remote terrain, south lake, south end of lake -- clear lake. there is a better shot. you can see the smoke coming up. we will watch it. the upshot is it is not a howling wind driving the fire but it is hot and dry. when i come back we will talk about the heat today and follow up on the fire and we will talk about the cool down that is around the corner. >> we have more fires to talk about. road closures and the threat of evacuations in the sierra. the lowell fire is 45% contained. it blackened 2300 acres and threatening 1500 homes tonight. four firefighters injured battling the blaze over the weekend. three are ready to return to the fire lines and the fourth is undergoing treatment with burn injuries. investigators trying to figure out what sparked this fire along highway 24.
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started after 4:00 a.m. this morning along deer hill road. it burned 8 acres and forced one family to evacuate their home. no one was hurt. new at 5:00 p.m. prosecutors filed murder charges against a white university of cincinnati police officer for shooting and killing a black driver during a traffic stop. [ indiscernible ] >> that is body camera video of the officer opening fire last week. it happened minutes after the officer pulled him over for not having a license plate. a grand jury found no reason for the officer's actions because there was no threat to the officer's life. >> this is the most asinine act i have ever seen a police
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officer make. totally unwarranted. >> no one deserves this. so i am angry but i am pleased that we are actually going to get justice. >> he has been fired from his job. if convicted he faces 15 years to life in prison. this is the first time in cincinnati an officer has been charged for killing someone while on duty. two men face poaching charges. an american dentist killed one of the oldest lions in africa. >> reporter: a hunter accused of helping a tourist kill zimbabwe's most famous lion is out on bail. his co-accuser will appear before a judge at a later date.
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they both face felony poaching charges. officialslooking for justice -- officials looking for justice for those involved in the lion's death. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the two men were hired by a minnesota dentist to guide his hunt in july. ane letter to his patients he says he was not aware the lion was protected. relying on guides to ensure he conducted a legal hunt. his action garnered international outrage. >> i think it is egregious, almost what i would characterize as criminal. someone would find enjoyable to shoot a beautiful creature. >> reporter: officials say he has been accused of poaching.
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the u.s. fish and wildlife service expressed concern and saying wild abmals should be allow -- animals should be allowed to roam. >> some are standing up for hunter's rights. >> a tax adermest , what he has to say about the minnesota dent and say a famous lion he killed. >> could san francisco and los angeles join forces to host the 2024 olympic games. we ask mayor ed lee about whether it is a possibility. >> a community gets ready to pay tribute to a police sergeant who was killed in the line of duty.
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now that boston is out, los angeles is reaching out to the bay area with an idea for a joint bid for the 2024 summer olympics. it doesn't seem that mayor ed lee is on board and isn't convinced. ktvu's keba arnold with what mayor ed lee is saying about the idea. >> reporter: after talking about his budget today mayor ed lee answered questions, one had to do with a possible olympic bid and in short after listening to the mayor it sounds like don't hold your breath. mayor ed lee said he is open to discussions but he is not pursuing the games. san francisco one of the four finalists. mayor ed lee said there has been talk about renewing the bid but he has not spoken to
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anyone with the olympic committee. he has no answer or a solution to the financial challenges the games might bring. mayor ed lee said right now he has other priorities. >> i will focus on the residents of san francisco, the housing bond, congestion, the arena, the making sure we have a strong economy. >> the mayor did not rule it out but you heard him, he is focusing on more pressing issues. los angeles is considered by many to be the second choice after boston. los angeles would have 2 months to put together a bid. the city has hosted olympic games twice in 1932 and again in 1984 and boston bailed out because of a lack of public support and they didn't want to commit taxpayer dollars. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. keba arnold, thank you. all right.
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back to bill now in the weather center to find out more about how long the hot weather will last. >> it was hot today. 106, 107 inland. and talked about fires yesterdaych hot over night, last night and today, boom -- yesterday, hot over night, last night and today boom, big fire. a look live outside. you can see the fire burning. you know the winds in the area are light. the fire is impressive as you look at it burning here. a lot of flame. burning into the terrain. when you have hills like this, the plan is, firefighters will work the ridges. they burn up hill. the firefighters are moving up on the ridge above it and they will try to cut a line. you look that smoke rising straight up. this is sky fox 2. you can see the extent of the fire. i mean it is growing. started in the last hour or so.
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over 100 acres. well over that now. it will double and triple because of the dry fuel. four years of drought and temperatures like today. we will stay on this story. let's take a peak at the numbers. 101 livermore. 103 fairfield. highs today 107, 108 inland. fog at the coast. that is an indication that the cooling is trying to begin and it cooled around the bay. oakland. hayward. san francisco. a few degrees cooler because of that fog. the cooling, inland, it will be slow. it will cool tomorrow but not a lot especially inland. high clouds and humid thursday. as the low-pressure system grabs the moisture and stends north and maybe on friday a chance of a thundershowers. what this means is it will stay hot. cloud cover. won't be as hot because of the filtered sunshine. increase the humidity to 80%, and you add 90 degrees to that,
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it will feel like atlanta. 101 clear lake. that is the high forecast tomorrow. 90 napa. still hot. triple digits in vacaville, fairfield. 99 brentwood. 98 livermore. this is hot. add to that humidity. tomorrow will be cooler. temperature wise. it won't feel cooler i don't think. except around the bay. five-day forecast, we track the fire. thundershower chance on friday. temperatures coming down a little bit. more fog at the coast. next 24 hours, not very comfortable sleeping night inland and tomorrow will be a sticky day. >> doesn't cool off at night -- >> no. didn't last night. >> the fire is 150 acres. that looks like -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it will be a thousand acres.
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>> thank you. a warning right num the top of twitter. what -- right from the top of twitter. what the cfo said that sent stock tumbling. how technology is helping one city save 20,000 gallons of water a day and a program helping kids get a college education.
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2 investigates finds sensitive personal information
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still exposed a year after we reported on the problem. starts with a mistake many of us made. leaving important documents inside your car. ktvu's eric rasmussen with how that could open the door for identity thieves. >> i have been guilty of it. we found the problem could pop up, a lot of cars end up at salvage yards. last summer 2 investigates visited several locations in the bay area and we found many junk cars were not being cleaned out. documents are social security numbers, dates of worth, driver's license. for anyone to -- births. driver's license. for anyone to take. they said employees were making an effort. we went back last week. unfortunately it didn't take long before we found more potential targets for identity theft. >> this is the kind of thing
5:26 pm
you won't want to find. right here, looks like a time sheet for somebody's job. social security number. name. signature. that is all an identity thief can you say want. >> that wasn't -- could want. >> that wasn't the worse. what we heard is that people didn't have a chance to clear out their cars. sometimes they are totaled or impounded before they could do anything about it. at 10:00 p.m. what else we found and what happened when we tried to track down the owner. >> see you at 10:00 p.m. thank you. twitter stock took a hit today. shares rose after the san francisco company revealed better than expected revenue yesterday. but it reverses after comments by comments by the cfo.
5:27 pm
>> too difficult to use -- we don't expect to see growth till we reach the mass market. that will take some time. >> the ceo said the company needs simplify the service to attract more users. gained 2 million new users in the most recent quarter. the stock closed down 14% this afternoon to $31 a share. we have been telling you about the fire in the lower lake area near clear lake in lake county. burned 150 acres. joining us on the phone is kathy miller who lives in the area. how far are you from the fire and what can you see? >> we are about -- it is going rapidly fast. right now it is super, super black. the clouds are forming.
5:28 pm
they have air tankers out. calling crews in. bottom road is a half mile from my house. started out in morgan valley and now they are evacuating. they rescued 10 people and they are setting up command centers. there is another hot spot started and another fire. not good. >> are you starting to pack up stuff? >> my husband is coming home. he works for caltrans. they will do road closures on highway 29 so i will get an update. we went through this two days ago and i was two blocks down but this is very scary. so, yeah, we are all panicking again. this is less than 48 hours and it is happening. this is fast. and the wind is picking up and it is coming the direction towards town. so when the emergency was saying about -- the minimum
5:29 pm
wage was saying about the rural -- meteorologist was saying about the rural area, we are a rural development. my house is less than an acre. >> we are looking at live pictures. the fire is really roaring. are the flames headed towards your house? about how far are they away? >> bottom road is half mile, maybe two miles. started about 20 minutes away from here on that rocky bridge road and then it started there and jumped. and then it started going rapidly down the hill. and -- you could see the flames coming down the -- whatever ridge that is. our area right now is dark. black. >> are you alone? do you have neighbors around
5:30 pm
you? >> my neighbor next door, walking up frantically. there are trailers. people getting their trailers out. my son is here. my husband is on his way home. >> no one has come by yet -- >> they are evacuating -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how far away is that? >> like a quarter mile. close enough to walk to. >> when you talk about that area, it is a rural area, is it farms, homes? >> no. big homes. some are million homes. some are mansions. vineyards back there. there is live stock. horse ranches. when you go on bottom, there is a area, they are all homes in
5:31 pm
there. and coffee creek is there. when you have a fire -- if that fire jumps, there is no water in the creek. so dry here. i look at it, it is just fuel. >> we can see there is a huge amount of smoke. do you see a lot of firefighters? >> yeah. yeah. we saw there is three spotters and two air tankers and they arecology in -- they are calling in two more. they are setting up command centers everywhere. >> access to the fire, how hard is it for firefighters to get close to the fire? >> i herds they are weight on marin -- i heard they are waiting on marin county, they had to come in with a bulldozer
5:32 pm
and open up so ground crews could get in. that was 30 minutes delayed there. they are here now. sunday we had the fires over the house. and the red drop. there is a lot of air traffic going on. >> here is one of the upshot, this is bill, you have the firefighters at the wragg fire, a lot of equipment out there, a lot of man power. so the shift over will happen rapidly. we are seeing that with the aircraft. there is a lot of folks in the area ready to go. hopefully getting a quick jump on this. 104-degree temperatures. talking about humidity 8, 9% and a rural area with terrain to it. you can see the hillsides here. the fire is leaping up to the
5:33 pm
tops of the hills. this is california. this is summer. the end of a drought. things are dry. this is what happens. >> have you ever. >> to evacuate before? >> i have a house in 2003, i wasn't home, burnt to the ground. sunday was close enough for me. i was panicking. my friend, hur property caught on fire. they had to -- her property caught on fire. they had oevacuate. it is close -- to evacuate. it is close. it is moving fast. >> the thing i would say too, the actual winds are light. watch the smoke, going straight up. within the fire, it is creating a thermal low at the surface.
5:34 pm
the cooler air, 105, 106 degrees is coming in straight lines. 360 degrees around the fire. fire makes its own winds. yes,s it is windy because air is flowing into this. >> 104 here now. when you are on the line, you are looking at 150 degrees -- [ talking at the same time ] >> hats off to cal fire. i really appreciate you taking -- we are always on the grid. >> before you go -- [ talking at the same time ] >> before you go, i can hear the anxiousness in your voice, can you describe for us what you see from the ground?
5:35 pm
>> yeah. i can. hold on. >> notice what we are -- >> it is black. looks like it is getting dark outside. >> it is moving towards you? >> i would say so, yes. >> can you see flames? >> i can 2349 see the flames. if you go -- i cannot see the flames. if you go up the roads -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i can see everyone is leaving their house. >> are there several routes to get out, if the flames get close, is there a chance the flames could block access? >> the high school is the evacuation spot and red cross set up in the gym and in the football field is staging area for farm animals. >> we appreciate you taking the
5:36 pm
time to talk to us. looks like the fire is growing rapidly. we hope you are safe. thank you for talking to us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will be back with more right after this.
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some san francisco bicyclists are protesting a police crack down on tickets by
5:39 pm
obeying the law. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us where the demonstrators are out in full force. >> reporter: they are calling this a stop in. they are lining up here. look how far the line stretches. all the way down this block. what they are doing is they are coming to a full stop individually and then going through the intersection. all of this to prove a point. they shouldn't have to stop. >> you heard of the california rolling stop. that is for cars. this is the idaho stop for bikes. legal in idaho but not here. >> we look at other cars. >> reporter: at us the intersection many bicyclists treat a bicyclist as a yield sign. >> a way tododge the -- to
5:40 pm
dodge the hills. . >> we have been getting a ton of complaints. >> the captain proposed a crack down that didn't sit well with bicyclists. >> the captain is misdirecting his resources. >> anybody that drives around san francisco, i suggest we are not over enforcing on bicyclists. >> i am willing to have conversations about the highest level of safety but i cannot accept just one entities point of view. >> i think from a driver perspective it is scary. >> i come from baltimore and los angeles, if you don't follow the rules you get hit. >> reporter: bicyclists say stopping ties up traffic and poses more of a danger than yielding. police say you must obey the laws. we tried to talk to them earlier, but they actually
5:41 pm
wouldn't stop and talk to us. now there are more folks out here. so we will get reaction from them and bring it for you at 10:00 p.m. back to you guys. >> thank you. the bay area community is paying tribute to a fallen hero for a police sergeant. he was shot and killed last week. also 30 minutes ago the police chief came out and gave an update on the investigation. ktvu's allie rasmus was there and is live now from the police station. >> reporter: the chief gave an update on the status of the investigation. she said it is now in the hands of the district attorney's office. and police are no longer looking for additional suspects in the connection with the killing. it was one week ago. >> when sergeant scott lunger was on patrol. he was trying to pull over a
5:42 pm
driver for driving erratically, something happened and police say the driver shot sergeant scott lunger. he died at the hospital later. he was a 15 year veteran of the force. a father of two daughters. a man is held without bail and he returns to court august 25. there was a viewing today open to the public, members of the law enforcement community from across the bay area attended. the chief talked about attending the viewing and she became emotional when sheled talking to sergeant scott lunger -- she recalled talking to sergeant scott lunger's daughters. >> they are remarkable. and beautiful. inside and out. and they are doing like everybody else is doing. one moment at a time. one breath at a time. one foot in front of the other.
5:43 pm
but what they know is how much their dad is loved and revered by the community and by the police department. >> reporter: outside the police department you can see the display of flowers, pictures, posters, notes, it continues to grow. this bat man doll someone dropped off says rest in peace hero and friend. sergeant scott lunger's memorial is at oracle arena tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. they have gotten a lot of calls from the public asking how can we help, the chief says that the best way to help is come out and show your support for sergeant scott lunger and the department by attending the memorial. they are expecting 6-8,000 people. here at the police department they have 200 officers and 150 staff members. the majority of them will be
5:44 pm
attending the memorial tomorrow so from now through friday the sheriff's department will be doing patrols so that members of the police department can attend the memorial tomorrow and grieve for their colleague. >> allie rasmus, thank you. you can watch the funeral service for sergeant scott lunger right here on ktvu. it begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we will stream it live on and on our mobile app as well. a taxidermist, you will hear what he has to say about a minnesota dent and say the famous lion he killed. >> and what happened to the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 could finally be solved. the piece of debris that just washed ashore on a remote island.
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university of california president janet napolitano is among those testifying on capitol hill on how to prevent campus sexual assault. she said training should begin on the first day of school and this fall there will be training for faculty members and students at uc campuses
5:48 pm
system wide. the committee is working on legislation to provide new resources. the mayor of san francisco said for the first time in decades the budget hasn't suffered cut backs. mayor ed lee signed the budget this morning. $50million in new funding for affordable housing as well as funds to hire staff at the new san francisco general hospital and allow muni to hire new buses. san francisco will hire 400 new police officers. 200 new firefighters, 55 paramedics and 36911 dispatch -- and 36 911 dispatchers. following developing news
5:49 pm
in lake county. a wildfire is forcing evacuation. the fire grows by the minute. the latest on the fire fight coming up. >> tracking the heat around here that helped the fires get going. the fire weather and the cool down that is just around the corner. >> every animal there is. >> he makes his living hunting, hear why he is outraged at the minnesota hunter that killed the lion.
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
knack now to -- back now to developing news to the wildfire. live pictures from sky fox 2. we have been watching. evacuations are in place for residents who live in the immediate area and structures are threatened. we have been watching the fire for the last hour. burning southeast of clear lake. additional resources have been ordered. the terrain is heavy. heavy brush and timber. getting to the fire is difficult during the initial attack. temperatures are high. around 100 degrees. here are more pictures now. you can see the flames near clear lake. we have been watching this and we have seen an incredible amount of smoke coming from the fire. >> what we have been talking
5:53 pm
about all summer. when a fire gets hold like this in a area that is remote and a day like today, 100 degrees plus, humidities in the single digits. this is more -- looks like scrub oak and oak. looking on the maps around here, the flames not as high as we would anticipate. not a lot of wind either. you are seeing the growth underneath. a lot of ground stuff is burning. this fire is growing. we have reports of it an hour ago at 100 acres. i can assure you it is bigger than that. the upshot, the water drops, you have water all around this place. not far from lake berryessa, from clear lake. you are between the two of them. with access to the water and the wragg fire as well, the equipment, firefighters hopefully are getting -- making
5:54 pm
a run at the fire. it is big. it is hot. it is dry. >> talking with a woman who was watching from her home. she said a lot of neighbors were very worried. running down the street. evacuations may be possible for them shortly and it looked like it was heading in her direction. there are big homes in the area, ranches and animals. >> the upshot to the fire like this is, without a big wind, there is not a lot of wind right now. this isn't the oakland hills firestorm. you will see it coming. there will be time for people to get out of the way of the fire. that is a live shot. this will give you perspective from the fire from clear lake. looking soul. towards the fire -- south towards the fire. two fires burning. one to the right.
5:55 pm
smaller than the one to the left. this picture taking 45 minutes ago. weather. a look at the fire right here. it is in remote area, morgan valley road. temperatures 10% humidity. 100-degree temperatures and light winds. that is pretty light. highs today. off the charts. highs today, big time. 106 antioch. 105 brentwood. when i come back we will talk about the fire and we will look at the five-day forecast which includes cooling. >> looking that cal fire website to give people a specific area of where this is happening. this is near morgan valley road and rocky creek road. east of lower lake. the rock fire. burns in lake county. we have been watching this
5:56 pm
since 3:30 p.m. tonight. cal fire says 150 acres but appears larger than that. >> we will be back right after this.
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the killing of cecil the lion in africa left people outraged. not just because he was one of the oldest, much of the criticism are opposed to
5:59 pm
hunting in general. ktvu's john sasaki met a hunter and taxidermist who is also outraged but he says hunting is more popular in the bay area than you might think. >> the faces of wildlife from around the world. at this shop, the owner has been stuffing animals for 30 years. >> every animal there is. a-z. >> reporter: he has done everything from pets, dogs and a torts to big game. he says -- >> thousand bucks a piece. he is losing big money. that is part of their livelihood. and the rules are, you get a cattle killer you have to kill'em. >> he got back from africa where he was guiding people on a hunt. what is the attraction? >> it is already in you.
6:00 pm
like the cave man days. you want to have fun. >> reporter: many people would look at this business as a house of horrors, offended by the idea of killing an animal for sport. >> everything we do is ethical -- you know? people are funny, you know, but if i offend anybody i apologize. >> reporter: all these animals including these two lions were bagged legally. he has no love for that minnesota dentist. >> that is terrible. if that word gets out, they blackball you. that is terrible. it will start big trouble. see? the guy is goofy. he should have more sense than that. >> reporter: high says hunting is an american past time which people enjoy with a passion. >> a lot of people hunting. >> reporter: he has also done work for


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